Welcome To My Page

Hello! And welcome!

I’ve decided that I have a lot of words, and I need a place to put them all. As I grow as an author, I want a place where people can go. This is a start. Eventually I’m going to put some actual money into this, and purchase a domain. But that is not that day.

Today is the day I compile links to my fan fiction into one place.

Today is the day I have a place to post about the original fiction I am writing.

Today is the day I give myself a place to talk about the books I’m reading.

Today is the day I take my first step in the direction.

Please look around and check everything out. Explore. I’ll be in constant updating mode for a while, the fan fiction page is the one you’ll want to keep coming back to for a while.

Check back on the last day of every month to see my posts about what I’ve read.

Until then, happy writing.